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双语丨New landmarks in Zhengzhou 郑州文商旅新地标上新

During the 2024 Henan Tourism Development Conference, the cultural and commercial block named "Capital Bo · New Image", combining traditional and modern elements, made its debut and immediately attracted countless followers.


Traditional and Stylish


A plain yet elegant main street winds forward, paved with a mixture of old and new flagstones. Arranged on either side are 15 themed courtyards, with technology and ingenuity hidden under the appearance of Oriental aesthetics.


The project covers an area of about 46 mu (7.6 acres), with an above-ground construction area of approximately 24,000 square meters and an underground construction area of about 17,000 square meters. Running from north to south, it consists of three main streets, multiple alleys, 15 themed courtyards, and four cultural squares named North Square, Boqiu Square, Rufeng Square, and South Square, aiming to establish a distinctive cultural and commercial district with a fusion of antiquity and modernity in the center of Zhengzhou. It is expected to be completed in September 2024 and officially opened in May 2025.


Upholding Tradition and Embracing Innovation


Extensive field research has been conducted in Zhengzhou, Henan, and the Central Plains, involving spatial structure, street texture, architectural style, and construction details, as well as their origins, to renovate the streets while upholding their architectural tradition and build 15 themed courtyards with a goal of conveying "prosperity outside and tranquility inside". This project strictly follows the upper-level plan and fully considers the protection and display of historical sites from different historical periods such as the East City Wall, the Temple of Confucius, the Xuanwu Temple, and the Foundry Site, to demonstrate Chinese cultural confidence.


This project has applied innovative design concepts, modern construction techniques, and advanced technologies and materials. For example, not only are old bricks and bluestone slabs used as building materials, but brass panels and cutting-edge photoelectric glass are also incorporated.


This project also plans to introduce a variety of fashionable businesses, such as brand restaurants, themed bars, artistic toys and retail stores, and new Chinese-style bed and breakfasts (B&B), endowing it with more vitality and soft power.


Preservation and Inheritance


This project has employed masters of intangible cultural heritage and folk craftsmen to create the architectural details characteristic of the Central Plains, providing space and vehicles for the display and development of intangible cultural heritage. This project carries forward the traditional architectural crafts and realizes the continuation of civilization through protection, inheritance, and utilization.


Responsibility and Mission


In recent years, Zhengzhou has attached great importance to the protection, utilization, inheritance, and development of the Shang Dynasty capital site, and has constructed and opened the Zhengzhou Shang City National Archaeological Site Park, Zhengzhou Shang Dynasty Capital Site Museum, and Dong Cheng Yuan's Site Museum. Simultaneously, six districts with similar styles are planned to be built in the core area of the Shang Dynasty capital site, creating a new pattern of all-for-one tourism.


In the future, this project will become a model of Zhengzhou's cultural revival and urban renewal, injecting economic vitality into the city and emerging as an important window to showcase Zhengzhou's cultural charm and urban image.



郑州超级IP ,上新啦!


郑州超级IP ,上新啦!


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